About Eve...

Eve gets a bad rap. Blamed for being a disobedient seductress, ("That woman", anybody?) her tale is used to explain and support the subjugation of/violence toward women. But what if the "sin" was not sexual temptation, or abundant curiosity? What if the Divine Parent knew that Eve's innate curiosity would lead to her listen to another point of view, and to therefore be attracted to the promise of increased wisdom?

As a mother of twins, I could already tell when they were about  a year old that one twin would be the one always getting into things. Did I say,"Don't touch that" to this impetuous child? No! I locked the dangerous cleaners and potential hazards out of the way! Telling her "don't touch" would have been the SUREST way to have her ignore my well meaning advice. Surely, God, as Parent, was aware of the nature of this child, Eve. So why would Eve UNLESS God WANTED Eve to explore, to take the first step out of childhood in a safe environment, before setting off into the wide (and wild) world.( Cue the song by the former Cat Stevens :)

I believe it is time to let Eve off the hook. She was taking the next step towards adulthood, and her Creator knew it.


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