Bridal Days

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"Zacharti lach chesed n'urayich, ahavat k'lulotayich. Lechtech acharai bamidbar, b'eretz lo zarua."
  Translation: "I remembered to your credit the loving acts of your youth, the love of your bridal days, when you followed me in the wilderness, in an unsown land".
Bridal kippah or headress with pink  frosted beading and pearls


 The children of Israel were, at the time of the Exodus, like a new bride stepping out into her unknown future with trust, hope, love and excitement. They were about to build a new future for themselves and their descendants. There would be challenges to face, but that was yet to come. In the present, like a bride, she was beautiful, and basking in the glow of God’s love.

Celtic style headress with Jewish star

Soon, many of us will return to synagogue in person, if we haven’t already, and soon after that, it will be Rosh Hashanah, when we will once again sing “zacharti lach” and hopefully, feel a sense of the renewal of our bridal vows to God.

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