Hey-What about Hagar?

Last week, we read about the end of Sarah's life, following (some commentators* say "caused") by her son Isaac's near sacrifice at the hands of her husband, Abraham. But what about the OTHER wife, Hagar?

According to some sources**, sending Hagar away at Sarah's request was a test that Abraham failed. He truly loved Hagar and Ishmael, even though we have hints that Ishmael was a wild child. Still, he was Abraham's firstborn, his birth foretold to Hagar, even as Sarah 's pregnancy was foretold to Abraham and Sarah.

Indeed, Hagar and Abraham have more than a child in common: they also have the ability to see clearly (once the grief had lifted). Hagar clearly saw that she had been seen by, not just an angel, but by God! She named the well which appeared suddenly, "Be-er la-hai ro-i",  translated as  "The well of the Living One who sees me."  Later, Abraham would see the ram, but only after almost sacrificing his other son, Isaac, on the mountain which he would name,"Har ha Moriah", "The mountain of vision", echoing Hagar's sense of seeing and being seen by God.

The image attached to this blog post is of a work in progress: a Hagar headress, which reflects her vision symbolically, via the hamsa  and Eye charms woven around the headpiece. More gold beading as well as sapphire and lapis lazuli stones and "gold" coins will complete the look.The headress is deliberately modeled upon Middle Eastern bridal headpieces, as a nod to another commentary on the Biblical verse in which Abraham remarries a woman named "Keturah" - who is secretly Hagar!***

To be alerted when the work is completed, go to www.renaissancewomankippot.org or message me at mezzocantor@gmail.com


Sources: JPS Commentary, Etz Chayim Torah Commentary, and The Red Tent, by Anita Diamant

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