Is it fate or is it art? A Purim message...

On Purim, we read about the  saving of  the Jewish people  by Esther the Queen of Persia, who was a hidden Jew. Haman, the evil grand vizier, had drawn lots, "pur" to see which day would be the best according to the stars, for the battle he envisioned to take place. But God, who is likewise hidden in the text or the Purim story, the Megillah, had other plans...

As an artisan, I often begin with an idea of what I would like to "create". I put that in quotes, because anything I make is in homage to the Yotzer, the Creator, who has put the creative urge inside of me and also in each growing thing, as we say in our daily morning prayers,

"Yotzer or uvorei choshekh, oseh shalom uvorei et ha-kol." ( You create light and darkness, make peace and create all.)

Sometimes, my idea turns out exactly as  had envisioned it: and that is a cause for  great rejoicing on my part! At other times, I have to put in a lot of effort, sometimes even walking away from my project when I get too frustrated with it, in case I destroy it and then regret having done so. When I return to the project with a clear head, I am almost always able to find a way to make it even more beautiful than I had dreamed it could be!

May God, the Great Artist, Our Creator, turn back to us and help us to become even better versions of ourselves, reversing the course that fate would seem to be driving us toward, as is sung in the prayer Hashiveinu,

" Turn us back toward You and we shall return, renew our days as of old".


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