Rebecca 's Test

Rebecca and Isaac were true loves, and yet there were some things she just could not tell him. She comforted Isaac after the death of his mother Sarah, and she was able to channel the light of God as Sarah once had. She has a direct relationship with God, as did Sarah. This relationship with God led her to deceive her human beloved one, as Abraham hid the real reason for going up to the mountain from his wife.

Rebecca is similar to Abraham in another way: she is being tested. She does not have to face being willing to offer up her child; instead, she has to deal with never seeing him again, in order that he might live and fulfill his destiny. It is difficult to say which would have been worse!

The Rebecca kippah I made in her honor reflects both her beauty and her awareness of God's presence. It is headdress shaped, and contains coin shaped disks, as a bridal headdress would, as well as a hamsa at the front and back of the kippah. Her awareness of God's voice and her understanding of the prophecy guide all her actions, even those ( such as deception) which challenge us modern thinkers.

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