Sending Them Off

Last month, my husband and I sent our twin daughters off to college. I admit to weeping copiously: tears of joy as well as tears of sorrow. This poem is my attempt to understand our Heavenly Parent’s ability to allow us the freedom to become who we decide to be.

How can You do this, God!

Every moment since You created us, Your children,

You have sacrificed:

Your foreknowledge of the outcomes

Of our oft misguided decisions.

Your desire to have us only love You,

Rather than to also hold you in awe,

Your longing to hold us close always,

So that we remain Your innocent babes,

Enfolding us in Edenic bliss...

Is that why, O God,

You created the tempting tree,

The hunger for knowledge,

The snake,

And most importantly, the flaming sword:

So that You would have no choice BUT to let us go?

                                      -  Yael Fischman, 2022

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