She is a Tree of Life

You know the feeling you get on a beautiful spring morning? That's the inspiration behind this Tree of Life wall hanging. The Torah is said to be a tree of life for all who follow her, which is why the Hebrew letter Tav- the first letter in the word "Torah" - is rooted in the tree.The glass leaves are a bright spring green, and the wall hanging itself is constructing from gold wire. The original Torah was said to have been inscribed with black fire on white fire (represented here by black and by white bugle and seed beads) but Moses destroyed that one. Too bad, for the white fire was the light of the Shekhinah, the Divine Feminine aspect of God, whom we sense at times, such as when we observe God's handiwork- such as trees!

All of the tree of life wall hangings and kippot in my shop,

are based upon trees I see on my daily walks around my neighborhood, and the roots are directly inspired by a tree which my daughters used to call "the gnarly, twisty tree!"

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