The Great Redemption

Redemption and renewal, after a cataclysmic upheaval : sound familiar in the year 2022? The prophetic reading for the last Sabbath of Pesach this year contains all these themes and more. Spring's rebirth after winter's fallow times always resonates with nature lovers: this year in particular, with its occurrence so close to Earth Day, we are reminded that, although it is true that, every year, winter rages despotic across the land; yet,some offshoot blossoms, bringing with it the hope for another chance at Eden. Some of the most joyous verses from this Haftarah have found expression in Israeli folksong, such as  the well-known "Mayim", which is the most iconic of Israeli dances.The Haftarah hints at a realization of God in THIS world, and the song, "Mayim", speaks of drawing water from the wells of salvation: might these be the seven sefirot, the emanations of Godself? That promise might help us to make it through the difficult times, as another verse in the Hafarah states, " God is my salvation, I am confident and unafraid!"

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