The Story of Serach

Sukkot, which ended recently, was an occasion to invite honored ancestral guests, such as Serach, into this outside, temporary dwelling. Never heard of Serach? For many years, neither had I, although her name was included in the genealogies in the Torah. Fortunately, midrash and legends have sprung up about the woman who gently, probably with music, broke the news to elderly Jacob that his son, Joseph, still lived. She was Jacob's great-granddaughter, Serach.She was said to have revealed to Moses where Joseph's bones had been buried, so the Israelites could fulfill the promise their ancestors had made to their long deceased relative.
Hidden in this headdress style kippah is the code by which she confirmed that Moses' vision was from God: can you see the letters? They spell "pakad'ti": shorthand for the verse "Pakod pakad'ti": I will surely redeem them, the promise made to Abraham in a vision of what the future would hold for his descendants. Also, she solved a dispute between Torah scholars as to what the waves looked like at the Exodus. How was this possible? She was the female equivalent of Elijah, who ascended alive into Heaven!
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