The Tale of Ruth and Naomi: a Mothers Day Story

As we are approaching Mothers Day ( in the U.S.), I am thinking about the relationships between women. Thankfully, both my own mother and my mother-in-law are still alive. Naomi (meaning 'pleasant") was the MIL of Ruth. They had such a loving relationship that when Naomi 's sons and husband died and she prepared to return to her birthplace, Ruth couldn't bear the thought of leaving her. She even converted to Naomi's religion and accompanied her on her journey, saying ,"Wherever you go, I will go, your people shall be my people, your God shall be my God".

Such devotion! Such love! This love became the only reason for Naomi, who later changed her name to Marah (bitter), to go on living.

Is there someone in your life who plays the role of Naomi for you? Someone who plays the role of Ruth for you? I can make Ruth /Naomi kippot for you and a special woman. Just tell me which wire colors and types of beads to use! Please connect with me here.

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