True colors

" a rainbow", as the song True Colors by Phil Collins goes. Colors have many different meanings. Some resonate more deeply with one person than with another. Some have cultural or religious significance, such as the colors used in the construction of the Mishkan, a place in which the Shekhinah could dwell in the desert, accompanying the Children of Israel. Some are fashion colors, changing with the zeitgeist. The flag of a country contains colors which tie into the history and perspective of that citizenry...

In recent times, the pride flag has been expanded to include even more hues, making it more inclusive while also defining the various cultures within the LGBTQIA community.

Whatever your true colors, I hope you will find a kippah, a wall hanging, or earrings in my shop, which help you fly your own flag! (And if you don't see it, ask!)

Be well,


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