We cannot foresee all ends...

When a child is born, new possibilities enter the world, new potential arises. We don't know whether this child will grow to be a good person, a so-so, average person, or a wicked one. At the time of birth,they are all perfect.

Just so, when unforeseen events happen, we don't always immediately know what will come of them. Joseph, the most adored of Jacob's children, because he is the son of the favorite wife, Rachel, starts out with all the good things in life: the love of both of his parents,an easier start to life than many of his brothers, who were born when Jacob was still in service to Laban. He is, one might say, spoiled rotten. Yet, like his father before him, life hands him lessons and struggles which have the potential to shape his character, for good or for evil. He also seems to have a bit of luck-or Divine Guidance-in the timing of his lessons. He is not killed right away, because Reuven intercedes and has him thrown in a pit. But then, counter to Reuven's plan, Joseph is sold by his other brothers into slavery. Slavery would normally be inescapable, a death sentence even, but after many years of ups and downs, Joseph learns the humility he will need to both rise to the top of Pharaoh's regime, as well as to save his brothers' lives, at least in the short run, until a Pharaoh arises who "knew not Joseph." This, too, seems to have been part of God's plan, as told to Abraham centuries prior.

We can get hints of  a part of the Divine design, but we can never see the entire artwork, until we once again are integrated into the Energy which fills all worlds.

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