In One Day: A Poem

I cried out,

"Why should I lose you both in one day?"

Some people thought

I meant you and your father

I meant you and your brother.

Had they asked, I would have told them.

Now I tell you, my twins:

Jacob, Esau,

I meant to send one of you away

For just one day

For the other to cool down

Not to repeat the pattern

Loop after endless loop

Like the tapestries I wove

From our flock's hair

The endless, destructive pattern:

Sacrifice, slaughter, silent and deafening screams

Pretending to be who you are not.

Oh, when will it end?

Haven't there been enough

Tears shed

Blood shed

Promises made

Promises broken

"The enemy of my enemy" deals and treaties?

When will the yoke  of hatred be lifted,

Yes, lifted,

So all of my children

But especially you two

Will come home to


- Yael Fischman, 12/04/2023

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